F.E.E.D. Program

What is F.E.E.D.? ( Fitness Education Empowerment Development )

A mentorship program designed to educate students on emotional and social growth through fitness, and to raise awareness about bullying.

What is your goal?

Our goal is to become a nationwide program throughout inner city schools, empowering kids to reach their physical and emotional potential, encouraging them to live out their dreams.

Why did you start FEED?

We started FEED to offer students a program with mentors to guide them in a positive direction, beyond their circumstances. FEED has a blueprint to educate students to have a well-rounded life, and to choose love and not hate. 

Who is involved with FEED?

We have the San Diego Police Department, San Diego county schools, personal trainers, and a studio production team heavily invested in making FEED successful.

What makes FEED unique?

We are a multifaceted program designed to incorporate all areas of life to create a culture to empower students to become the best they can be. We want the students to have the guidance to make the right decisions, and become productive members of society.